Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This and That

Well I haven't posted for a while. Lots going on, but all pretty boring things.
First off. I was excited for a two day ASCA trial I was attending. I never have Saturdays off, so I do not attend many two day trials, but I took a vacation day, so I was happy. Until I came home Friday night after work. EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA ! Brooklyn had poop everywhere. Her entire backside top to bottom was covered in it and so was everything else. Three hours to clean the house up and her of course. She went a couple more times in the night so I knew I couldn't run her at the trial. Went down to the trial to help, since I already had the day off, but left early, so I could let Brooklyn out early. Met with EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA again. Oh boy, obviously it wasn't something that was just disagreeing with her. Something was wrong. Well, once we got to the vet they thought it was either colitis or giardia. After two weeks she is finally better. It was a rough two weeks though. No treats, just her bland diet.
Next, the spring storms have come, which means thunder, which means freaked out dogs. I was able to do some couterconditioning with Jersey (the turkey was pretty good), but Brooklyn went from 0 to 10 with the first clap of thunder. Poor girl, don't know what I am going to do with her. While trying to give Jersey his turkey, Brooklyn is trying to bury herself behind me on the couch, and when that didn't work, how about on top of mom's head. (of course I tried to give Brooklyn the turkey, but she wasn't about the eat then) Now both dogs are on high alert. Any little noise sets them into hyper alert.
And lastly, with sad news, my friend Beth lost her 9 year old dog to hermangiosarcoma. It is a more common cancer in aussies, but it was so abrupt that the loss just doesn't seem real. Everyone is in total shock. Buster has sired many awesome litters, so he lives on in all pups, but he will be missed.