Friday, October 30, 2009

Jersey and his squirrel

Look what a BIG squirrel I got mom! I caught him eating the walnuts in our yard!

What did ya say? I can't hear you?!?!?!

Drop it????? Do I hafta?

OK :(


Did I hear her say TAKE IT? YIKES ~ I can do that!

Drop it? What's up with her? Can't she make up her mind? I guess I can.

Take it ~ again - wow I really have her trained!
This may seem gross, but when Jersey catches anything (mostly rabbits) I give it back to him when he drops it for me. What I found was the more I tried to get it away from him, the more he thought it was a game of chase ~ mom catch me if you can ~ and of course I can't! In the beginning it would be twenty minutes of me yelling at him to sit, stop, down, drop etc. all while he is prancing around the yard like he is king of the world, but keep away from mom! The first time I actually got him to drop it on his own (me not prying his jaws open to remove dead animal) I immediately told him to take it, and he was in shock. Looked at me like - is this a trick? Nope - take it. The more I play this game with him the faster he is willing to drop it on the first command. Now I don't let this go on forever (cause it is GROSS!), but he is trusting me more that he will get it back, so he is more willing to give it up. This is all in preparation for the day when I am running very late (or at 5 in the morning getting ready for an agility trial!) and he catches himself something good, and I can tell him to drop it and I will have no worries about chasing him around the yard for twenty minutes.


There is so much going on around here. I haven't posted for a while and now they are just pouring out. I'll save some, so they aren't all on the same day. Can't wait to post the one with Jersey's latest catch (Squirrel not rabbit!) But this post couldn't wait. My sister got a new puppy last night and I had to share the cutie pie. Right now her name is Isabella - or Bella - or Izzy, or I might call her Z!

I can't wait till I get my puppy next summer! Fun, Fun, Fun!!!! Or maybe it's Pee, Pee, Pee!

Missing Tooth

Here is the aftermath of Brooklyn's tooth. A friend suggested capping it instead of pulling it -
she would have looked stylin' with a front silver tooth!

She ended up having another tooth pulled also. There was what the vet called a large pocket on her very back tooth, so the vet said best to pull it while she's under. She's still a little tired a couple of days later, but I know she is feeling better, since the ball is now of interest again!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cracked tooth

Well today Brooklyn gets her tooth removed. I have no idea how she broke it in half, all the way to the gumline, but she did. Got back from an agility trial and she was flipping her tongue around like she had something stuck, and when I looked to see, it was her tooth hanging down :( She did so good at the trial too, so I hope it wasn't hurting her too much! We Q's in Standard - had an awesome run. She was fast, barking and held all her contacts - YEAH!!!! We got our Novice FAST title, and in jumpers she dropped the second bar (BUMMER!!!), otherwise we would have double Q'd.